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Empowered Investing for Women of Color

Investing as a woman in our world today is much different than it was 40-50 years ago; we're living longer and have taken on more responsibilities both at home and in the workforce.  Although a lot has changed, there's still a gender wealth gap, especially for women of color.  At Vista Del Mar Wealth Management, we are committed to working with women to empower diversity and ensure that women of all ethnicities, religions and backgrounds have the resources and full access in taking charge of their wealth.  

So why focus on women investors of color?  Our founder, Mahalene, knows first hand.

Female financial advisors make up about 15-20% of the financial services industry, and even less than that are female advisors of color.  Though she worked just as hard as her colleagues to build a successful business, there were many moments throughout her career where she felt she had to do more to prove herself as an expert in the field.  It is because of the adversity Mahalene faced that Vista Del Mar Wealth Management strives to change the narrative for women investors of color to thrive in their businesses and lives.

<em>"Here's to Strong Women:&#160; May We Know Them.&#160; May We Raise Them.&#160; May We Be Them."</em>

We are aware that many women of color are still struggling to find wealth advisors who understand and can meet their specific wealth management needs.  Vista Del Mar Wealth Management is a safe, inclusive space for women of all backgrounds to achieve financial success.  To serve our community in the best way possible, we take the time to understand their own challenges as women of color, and thoughtfully design their financial planning strategies to help them overcome wealth inequality.  

The Vista Del Mar Vision

The Vista Del Mar Vision

Our greater vision is to close the wealth gap in our communities, and it starts with educational resources on financial literacy.  We aim to create and implement a curriculum within the education system where students learn the basics of money as early as Kindergarten, and can continue to learn age-appropriate money concepts throughout their schooling. 

By building a strong foundation early on, we give the opportunity for all youth regardless of religion, background, race or financial status to learn about healthy relationships with their money.  As they become young adults, our goal is to arm them with the knowledge and tools to make wise money decisions as soon as they earn their first paycheck, and to set the stage to pass on that knowledge to future generations. 

Our Community Commitment

Our firm's goal of equal opportunity for financial literacy is where our passion and our purpose meets true wealth empowerment for our communities.  Invest with a firm that invests in you.  Schedule your Discovery Call with us today.

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