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Where Purpose Meets Wealth Empowerment

Our Mission

Modern Wealth Collective® was launched in 2018 by Mahalene Dulay after realizing how important representation and advocacy in the money space was needed. 

Our mission is to make, build and protect wealth for women+ of color through curated holistic financial plans aimed to achieve financial independence and success, while staying authentic and aligned to their most important financial goals.

A Financial Firm Unlike Others

The reality is that the financial industry was not originally built to meet the needs of diverse communities -- our team is here to change that narrative.  We strive to achieve this through three core pillars: wealth, impact and purpose. 

Wealth.  We take the time to learn about the uniqueness of your story and experiences to create and maintain sound financial plans that keep your most important financial goals at the core.  We believe in generational wealth of money and knowledge to create a meaningful legacy for future generations to come. 

Impact. We believe in wealth beyond the dollar signs.  Through financial education and intentional spending, we empower our clients to use their money as a resource to give back to organizations, their communities and initiatives that make a meaningful impact.  There is power in money and making the wise decisions with what to do with it should not have to be done alone.  

Purpose. YOU are why Modern Wealth Collective® exists. We want to build your dreams, not just your dollars. We protect what matters most to you, not just your assets.  Our team believes that your money story and what you do with it starts and ends with your "why". 

Your financial present and future starts here.

Thank you!