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Financial Planning, Less Complicated

There's a big misconception that you have to have "a lot of money" to invest -- for women+, the unique challenges we continue to face from a traditional money model makes it more difficult to build wealth and financial success.  We believe that every individual deserves sound financial advice, so we created a process that is as unique as our clients.  This starts with the belief that because money is personal, you need to find the right vibe with a wealth team that gets you.  

We value long-term relationships with our clients, but also understand that everyone's journey is different. 

You may be a high-net-worth executive with just a 401(K) and looking for how to maximize your hard-earned dollars beyond what your company offers.  Or you have existing investments and prefer to DIY managing your own funds but want a trusted wealth partner to give you some guidance in other money strategies.  Perhaps you're the powerhouse business owner looking to scale and need a money council to build your empire.  You may even be just starting out in your wealth journey and need 1:1 support instead of being in a group setting.

Each step in our approach keeps your goals at the core and addresses the obstacles and gaps you're facing.  From there, our wealth team provides you advice, support and a customized plan to help you reach your goals.  The best part?  We take the complex jargon of finance and make learning about money fun and simple while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

We want you to feel empowered by your financial decisions, and that starts with choosing Modern Wealth Collective®  as your trusted financial partner.

Step 1: Share Your Vision With Us

Step 1: Share Your Vision With Us

Schedule a Discovery Call 

  • Our 30-minute introductory Zoom call gives us the opportunity to hear what you're most passionate about and why building your wealth is important to YOU.

  • We talk about some of the barriers or challenges you feel are preventing you from reaching an unrestrained financial life.

  • At the end of our call, we discuss next steps on how we can help you achieve wealth empowerment.
Step 2: Let's Get to Work

Step 2: Let's Get to Work

Comprehensive Holistic Financial Plan 

  • In our first year together, we spend the first 6 months designing and implementing a comprehensive financial plan with your goals at the core.  The next 6 months after that involves accountability calls to check-in on your progress and make changes to your recommendations if needed.   After all, the idea plants the seed, but the action helps us grow.    

  • Throughout the planning process, you have access to different resources and tools to help you in your journey.  Of course, we'll be there for any guidance or help you need along the way.  

  • Asset and investment management is also available with our wealth team to manage your portfolio based on your goals, risk and time horizon. 

Step 3: The MWC Membership

Step 3: The MWC Membership

Ongoing Maintenance and Advice

  • After your first 12 months with us, we activate your monthly membership to keep the long-term momentum going.  

  • Your membership gives you continued access to our resources and tools that will help you stay educated and empowered in your professional and personal growth.  Additionally, your membership includes period check-in calls throughout the year, your Annual Review, 24/7 access to your Client Wealth Portal and more.

  • When major life changes happen, we'll be there to guide you and make adjustments to your financial plan.

Are you ready to see what financial success looks like?  Schedule your Discovery Call with us today.

Thank you!