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Envision Your Legacy

Generational wealth planning is our approach to your financial journey that takes a closer look at your legacy.  We look at generational wealth passed down in two parts: your monetary legacy (aka: inheritance) and the wisdom about smart money decisions (aka: financial education).  Making, saving and investing your money is important, but what is it worth if you're building on a house of cards?

With our holistic financial planning approach, we take the stress off your shoulders to protect those you love and what you've worked hard to build.  Life is not a straight-forward road, and neither is your financial plan.  Don't get us wrong; we know some of these conversations are not easy.  Along with a team of professionals, we strive to ensure a smooth transition of your wealth to your beneficiaries, heirs and favorite charities.

One of the areas that we pride ourselves on is the ongoing financial education that our clients receive in working with us.  We discuss financial concepts in an easy-to-understand way and provide additional resources to our clients and community to learn about money.  It is through this important piece of financial education and literacy that builds the confidence and the wealth of knowledge (total pun intended) we pass down to future generations.   

We look at generational wealth planning as an opportunity; it's being intentional about where and how you invest your money.  More importantly, we hold a safe, non-judgmental space for you to share your experiences and your legacy vision.   Generational wealth is about the impact you have on your loved ones, your community and the world around you.

We help you write the story you want told for future generations.

Generational Wealth Planning includes:

Generational Wealth Planning includes:

  • Life insurance planning
  • Annual Survivor Needs Analysis
  • Resources for Long Term Care and Disability insurance
  • Meeting with attorney for proper estate plan (ex: wills, trusts, etc.)
  • Gifting strategies
  • Tax efficient strategies with a CPA or Tax Professional
  • Discussions with your beneficiaries and loved ones, so they have a trusted point of contact
  • Ongoing financial literacy resources to stay on top of your money game
  • Convenient access to your wealth advisor and team of professionals, so you can focus on your family and self-care