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What the FAQ: Financial Freedom... more than being debt free?

What the FAQ: Financial Freedom... more than being debt free?

July 27, 2021
When you hear "financial freedom", what does that mean to you? While being debt free is part of this goal, building your wealth in a way where your money works for you is where we believe you can achieve true financial freedom.
Here are 3 ways to achieve prosperity:
1. Invest, not just save.
When planning for long-term financial goals, traditional savings accounts at the bank generally provide low growth and do not keep up with inflation. The market can be scary for many, but we work with you to invest in the way that fits your needs and situation (think risk tolerance, time horizon, and other considerations). Investing in the market can provide better long-term potential for compounding growth.
2. Create Generational Wealth.
The impact of your money does not have to stop with just your goals in your lifetime. Through proper investing, a portfolio of the right insurances and a solid overall financial plan, your money can create wealth for your community and generations to come. What legacy do you want to be remembered for?
3. Believe that you deserve it.
Wealth and prosperity go beyond the monetary value. Changing your frame of mind from scarcity (ex: "I don't have money to spend") to abundance (ex: "What opportunities do I have to make more money?") makes a difference in how you approach your money and money decisions.
How you define your own financial freedom is empowering in itself.  Go out, and achieve the life you want and deserve.