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Money Mindset and Healing with Dahl Holistic Health

Money Mindset and Healing with Dahl Holistic Health

November 12, 2020

When you think about money, what comes to mind first?  Does it stress you out, or does it give you all the good feels?  Our relationship with money has a direct impact on our health, and shows up in ways that many of us don't think about.  

We had the pleasure of hosting Amanda Dahl of Dahl Holistic Health to talk all the things about using energy healing to help us be better friends with money.

Amanda Dahl is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Biomagnetic Therapist, Health Coach, Soul Coach, and co-owner of Dahl Holistic with her husband, Christopher.  Amanda uses her healing gifts with clients that need a fresh and different approach to their health and healing.  Many of her clients have "tried everything" by the time they work with her, and find that their healing accelerates through her gentle guidance and thoughtful approach.  Physical, emotional and spiritual needs are considered as Amanda leads clients to a life of health and new possibilities.  

Amanda works with clients virtually, and offers a free 30-minute Breakthrough Call to all who are interested in working with her.  BONUS: There's a great offer at the end of the video for VDM Wealth clients and followers!


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