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Having “The Talk” with Your Aging Parents – Mahalene’s Expert Advice on MoneyGeek

Having “The Talk” with Your Aging Parents – Mahalene’s Expert Advice on MoneyGeek

May 01, 2024

As a Millennial daughter to Boomer parents, I’ve been having more of “the talk” with them. It’s the kind of talk that adult children should be having with their parents: planning for their care, what their financial situation looks like for such care, and do they have everything in place to ensure a smooth process and peace of mind when they pass away. It’s uncomfortable, incredibly hard, and emotional, but it’s SO important to have.

In my 16+ years of being a financial advisor, I can tell you one of the most heartbreaking and challenging experiences to have with people is when there is no plan in place for when their loved one dies. It’s especially difficult when there is a financial weight to carry – it can cause stress, animosity, and overwhelm on top of dealing with grief.

I had the honor to work with MoneyGeek on sharing my insight on the importance of life insurance. More specifically, I wrote about when getting life insurance on our parents makes sense and what that process looks like.

To read the full article, check it out here: Getting Life Insurance on Parents: A Comprehensive Guide (

If you don’t know where to start having this conversation with your parents or you’re curious about what you should do for your own financial plan, schedule a free Discovery Call with us and we’ll guide you down the right path.

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