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Ignite Your Way to  Financial Independence

Career and money success is achievable when you have a team in your corner to cheer you on along the way.  Through our Wealth. Impact. Purpose. (W.I.P.) Money Mentorship program, Vista Del Mar Wealth members receive the support and guidance from our dedicated experts you need to reach your goals.

Our unique program is designed for young professionals and entrepreneurs just starting out in their wealth journey, or for individuals and couples who need support with building a stronger financial foundation.  We customize your 1:1 sessions based on what's most important to you.  After each 1:1 session with your W.I.P. Money Mentorship advisor, you will have an action plan checklist to help you take control of your money, and be on your way to financial confidence.

Our program offers small group mastermind sessions hosted by your wealth team and mentors from our network of professionals.  In our community, you have the opportunity to build your knowledge and network with other like-minded individuals.

Here are some topics and sessions we cover in our W.I.P. Money Mentorship program:

Smart $avings & Debt Payoff

Smart $avings & Debt Payoff

Does your debt keep you up at night?  Are you tired of not knowing where you money goes every month?

  • Take action with intentional spending strategies to be smarter with your money
  • Building a realistic plan to tackle your debt and work towards full financial freedom
  • Finding the balance between enjoying your money now, and saving for later
Money Foundations

Money Foundations

Have a money question you need guidance on?  Depending on your program option, you decide with your wealth mentor on the topics below to discuss during your 1:1 calls:

  • How to build and maintain your emergency fund
  • Prioritizing your most important financial goals
  • Options for old 401(k) or other employer-sponsored plans
  • Saving for a big (non-retirement) goal
  • What should you save into: Roth IRA, 401(k) or Traditional IRA?
Retirement Checkup

Retirement Checkup

Not sure how much to save for retirement?  Let's clear up the picture for you.

  • Develop a retirement map to see where you're at and where you want to be
  • Discuss options and strategies for retirement savings
  • We build an actionable list of recommendations for what to do with your money
Healthy Money Mindset

Healthy Money Mindset

What's your relationship like with money?  

  • Understand what's holding you back from achieving your goal
  • Develop healthy money conversations with your partner
  • Learn strategies to overcome limiting beliefs about wealth and success