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The Empire of the Modern Women of Impact

Society holds high expectations for us to fulfill our roles as woman, mother, entrepreneur, caregiver, and partner (to name a few), and yet, we oftentimes find ourselves not meeting those expectations because our devotion to one area means sacrifice in another.  The pressure we put on ourselves to be the best can come with a high cost.  

As a firm founded by a mom business owner, we understand the value and challenge of time: between our family, our business, and our health it's hard to devote the time to ensuring our wealth management is working just as hard as we do. 

"Here's to Strong Women: May We Know Them.  May We Raise Them.  May We Be Them"

<em>"Here's to Strong Women:&#160; May We Know Them.&#160; May We Raise Them.&#160; May We Be Them."</em>

We believe in collaboration over competition; when women support one another in business and motherhood, everyone wins.  Modern Wealth Collective™ strives to empower women powerhouses with the resources and partnership they need for optimizing their time and wealth management.  

Our firm develops streamlined systems within your customized financial plan so that you have more time to dedicate to your family, your empire and yourself.  Your team of professionals works with you to understand your drive and your goals; we manage your wealth in a way where your vision remains at the core.  

Client Centered

Modern Wealth Collective™ is all about building community and intention.  Throughout the year, we collaborate with other women business owners who uplift one another and are motivated by how we can do more for our family and communities.  We create a safe space to talk openly about money, so we can celebrate your successes and share in your struggles.  As moms, business owners and strong women, we deserve a platform where our worth is valued.

We are a community of visionaries; we understand that our success provides us the opportunity to give back and serve others with purpose.  We are the changemakers and the influencers championed to make a lasting impact in the world.

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