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Holistic Wealth Planning 

Our holistic financial planning approach starts with setting our intentions for our meetings.  We want to know your passions, what motivates you, and WHY all of these are important.  Because your plan is a multi-goal design, we want you to tell us all your dreams, both big and small.

What is equally important in your financial plan is understanding the barriers that are holding you back.  We want to know what your experience was like with money growing up, and how you view money in your life.  For women of color, there are unique experiences and challenges from our upbringing and culture that have set the stage for our relationship with money.  Why does this matter?  It's from these experiences that impact how you make your money decisions.  Our holistic financial planning approach helps you to use those experiences to be even more intentional with your money moving forward. 

Alongside your wealth advisor, we use your goals as our roadmap to analyze different areas of your money.  We create and implement strategies to help you reach your financial goals.  We understand that the course may change along the way, whether it be a major life event or a set of new passions or priorities, but we keep your goals at the core of your plan.  The beauty of financial planning is the ability to adjust your strategies to align with what is most important to you no matter which stage in life you're in. 

From savings and becoming debt free to saving for your first home to planning for retirement and your legacy, we're there with you every step of the way to celebrate your wins and help you learn from and overcome obstacles.  Here are some of the areas we may cover:

Know Your (Cash) Flow

Know Your (Cash) Flow

  • Take action with intentional spending strategies to optimize your cash flow
  • Building a realistic plan to tackle your debt and work towards full financial freedom
  • Consistent savings plan through automation 
  • Strategies to increase income potential
Build Your Wealth

Build Your Wealth

  • Review and analysis of employer-sponsored benefits
  • Implement tax-advantaged investment strategies
  • Savings plan for future large purchases
  • Educational planning for college savings
  • Investing strategies to build wealth outside of retirement
  • Impact investing, aka: making your money work for you and your community
Your Golden Retirement Years

Your Golden Retirement Years

  • Full retirement analysis so you know how much to save by the time you retire
  • Review of employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s
  • Setting up plans for small business owners
  • Sound investment strategies for your portfolio growth potential
  • Retirement Income Planning, including Social Security and pension income maximization strategies
Share Your Legacy

Share Your Legacy

  • Insurance analysis: Life, Disability, LTC, Auto and Home
  • Estate and legacy planning with network of professionals
  • Strategies to protect your business and assets
  • Generational Wealth Planning discussions with children and loved ones to prepare for wealth transfer and continuation