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Envision Your Legacy 

Generational wealth planning is our approach to your financial journey that takes a closer look at your legacy.  A large part of your values and habits around money comes from what knowledge was passed down to you; we want to understand how your upbringing plays a role in your money decisions.  Our approach also takes a closer look at life-changing events and its impact on your family and generations to come.

Did you grow up not having financial security and want to change the scarcity mindset for you and your family?

Do you have elderly parents that you are (or will be) caring for, and wonder how that will affect your financial plan?

Are you worried about what life would look like for your family in the event of your disability or death?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave for your family?

Life is not a straight-forward road, and neither is your financial plan.  These conversations are a key component to your wealth journey; we want to protect what you have worked so hard for and want to ease your mind from uncertainties.  We take the stress off your shoulders during life transitions, so you can focus on being present for what matters most: your family and your well-being.

Our generational wealth planning approach gives you the opportunity to leave your legacy the way you envision it.  Along with a team of professionals, we strive to ensure a smooth transition of your wealth to your beneficiaries, heirs and favorite charities.  We help you write the story you want told for future generations.

Generational Wealth Planning includes:

Generational Wealth Planning includes:

  • Life insurance planning
  • Annual Survivor Needs Analysis
  • Resources for Long Term Care and Disability insurance
  • Meeting with attorney for proper estate plan
  • Gifting strategies
  • Tax efficient strategies with a CPA or Tax Professional
  • Customized legacy binder to keep your important contacts and documents
  • Discussions with your beneficiaries and heirs, so they have a trusted point of contact
  • Convenient access to your wealth advisor and team of professionals, so you can focus on your family and self-care