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Holistic Wealth Planning

Our holistic financial planning approach starts with getting to know you and your motivations in your wealth journey.  What are you working towards?  What do you value most in your life?  What do you envision for your future?  

In addition to your goals, we take into account your commitment to reaching those goals, and your current and future resources to achieve them.  What is equally important is understanding the barriers that are holding you back, and creating strategies to help you overcome those challenges.

As with any journey, we want to start with the destination in mind.  We understand that the course may change along the way, whether it be a major life event or a set of new passions or priorities.  Our holistic financial planning approach is a multi-goal design, and gives us the opportunity to adjust your strategies to align with what is most important to you.  Here are some of the areas we will address:

Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management

  • Optimizing savings potential with in-depth cash inflow and outflow analysis
  • Intentional spending strategies for living life now and saving for the future
  • Consistent savings plan through automation 
Wealth Accumulation

Wealth Accumulation

  • Intentional investing with our impact portfolios
  • Implement tax-advantaged investment strategies
  • Savings plan for future large purchases
  • Educational planning for college savings
Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

  • Full retirement analysis so you know how much to save by the time you retire
  • Review of employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s
  • Retirement Income Planning, including Social Security and pension income maximization strategies
Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate & Legacy Planning

  • Deep dive into insurance analysis: Life, Disability, LTC, Auto and Home
  • In-depth estate and legacy planning, including charitable giving
  • Generational Wealth Planning discussions with children and heirs to prepare for wealth transfer and continuation

Vista Del Mar Private Wealth Management

We offer our Vista Del Mar Private Wealth Management platform for high net worth individuals and families.  Your money has incredible power to change the world for women, our communities and generations to come.  What will you do with yours?

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